Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Talent Arrows Company (TAC)?

    Talent Arrows Company (TAC) is a training, talent development organization and consultation company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TAC was established by three of the leading Saudi business consultants whom served in a vast variety of businesses encompassing both government and private sectors.

  • How can I register for a course?

    To register for a certain course, just select the course you would like to register for, click the “REGISTER” button in the course outline, complete the form and submit all required details. Or send your details to or call us on (966) 11 477 7741 to temporarily reserve your seat.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept variety of payment methods, including: Option 1: Online: You can pay online through our website, or Option 2: Register and Pay later: You can either make a money transfer, visit our center to pay in cash or via point of sale. If your company is paying for you, your company will have the same options mentioned above.

  • What is included in the fees?

    The fees cover the training course fee, certificate, material (hard copies only) and coffee breaks every day.

  • Is there a discount for more than one course or registrant?

    We have multiple discount offers which differ based on various factors. Please contact us and we will be glad to share assist you.

  • How many courses do you offer?

    We offer more than 300 courses every year in a variety of locations across the region.

  • What is the maximum number of trainees on public courses?

    Our limit is 20. Sometimes, we make exceptions to accommodate loyal customers.

  • What are the start and finish times for our courses?

    It all depends. We have day and night courses and sometimes we have courses in the weekends. Please contact us on or call us on (966) 11 477 7741 and for any clarification on a specific course/courses and we will answer you.

  • How are your courses delivered?

    Our training methodologies are quiet unique. We follow our custom-developed training methodology in designing and conducting our training. Our PCA methodology is one of the unique methodologies which ensure our training is based on the best available standards. We focus on understanding concepts as opposed to memorization. We concentrate on interactive and participatory group exercises, role plays, round table discussions, participant presentations, exposure to case studies, and scenarios. We provide comprehensive and easy to understand course materials.

  • Does TAC offer tailored in-house courses?

    Yes. We provide custom designed in-house courses. We have solutions to help our clients achieve long term sustainable growth and short term goals. We provide cost effective courses that are in demand constantly as per the latest technology requirements to compete in any sector.

  • Are your timings flexible for in-house training?

    Yes. You can choose the dates and timings for In-house training.

  • How does TAC training facility look like?

    We have a state of the art technologically advanced learning environments that are comfortable, safe, and accommodate the world class equipment needed for the training programs. We have separate conference rooms for discussions, presentations, role plays, and indoor rooms for team exercises. In addition, our training center is designed specifically to offer our customers the hands-on training needed to stay current on new technologies and environments.

  • Does TAC offer any consultancy services?

    Yes. TAC provides support in various fields for companies looking to improve their business solutions. We have a large team of business and technical experts in numerous fields, who provide first-class consultancy to our clients so they can run their businesses with the necessary speed, quality and agility.

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